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Being a human being or citizen of the nation, s/he should have the right for getting information about the nation, community, development trends so on having the provision of right to information and communication is the fundamental right in the constitution but majority of people lived in remote are away form the information and communication facilities where as media is the effective medium for empowering the people, transparency making in development and sustainable development.

Remote, unaware subjected to long exclusion, exploitation and abuse by the leaders and representatives, the people of Humla, particularly Dalit, Women and the indigenous people, are left behind. The whole community is ignorant of their basis fundamental rights and responsibilities. The political leaders and representatives have been using them only as vote bank and Humla district is the web of political powerlessness, economic deprivation, acute poverty, social discrimination, exploitation of women and children, oppression of Dalits as bonded labors, suppression of indigenous people and violation of their human rights are the reality of the humla district. Life in Humla district was paralyzed by the protracted 12 years conflict.

A healthy democracy can only be founded on the principle of equality of men and women & equal recognition of their contribution to the establishment of a just able society. The meaningful mainstreaming of indigenous people, minority groups in democratic processes is very important to shield them from traditional abuses and encourage their participation and responsibility for the well being of society. This is only way to build a sustainable, justice, and equitable society & empowerment of women, gender equality, social inclusion and rule of low prerequisites for achieving peace, stability and security among all peoples through media and social mobilization process because majority of illiterate people are leaving here. So SIDC has established the local media and sensitized the people.

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SIDC work towards holistic development by addressing economic, social, and infrastructure-related issues while prioritizing community empowerment and participation. Our ultimate goal is to improve the overall quality of life for marginalized communities and create sustainable, inclusive, and resilient societies.

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