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Vision, Mission, Goal & Objectives


To minimize poverty by improving the life style of people, who are especially deprived from social, political, cultural, economic aspect of development, through the optimal utilization of local resources and increasing the active participation of the community in the activities related to the  productive infrastructure development, conducting training on empowerment, awareness raising and getting emphasis on economic generation.



To form the society just able, equitable, social, democratic as well as sustainable with the help of social mobilization process  (Group capital formation, skill and institutional development, empowerment, gender, income generation) and infrastructure development based on demand driven and right based approach and contribute in national development through equitable, social and economical activities.



To emphasis in the formation of self capital  of the community through social mobilization, increase their participation in different income generating activities & improve their living standard by empowering their access and control over development works(infrastructures ) physical, social and economic activities.



  • To assist and facilitate towards the upliftment of the living standard of poor people and women who has been deprived of / from the facilities in the community.
  • To carry out various program by the optimal utilization of local resources
  • To assist at reducing poverty with the implementation of social, infrastructure activity.
  • To emphasize at preserving the ancient, religious and cultural properties
  • To work in partnership during the implementation of health, irrigation, water supply, education, and environmental and other programs.
  • To carry out different activities for the all round development of the district.
  • To conduct the program addressing the need and demand of deprived community without   discrimination at caste, gender/sex and mother tongue.
  • To provide service of communication through media such as F.M radio, T.V, cable net,   newspaper etc.
  • To carry out the different activities in the sector of forestry development, environment & tourism development.
  • To organize such activities which are essential to meet before mentioned


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