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Background & Introduction

Established in 1993, Snowland Integrated Development Center (SIDC), Humla was registered in District Administration Office Humla as a non-for-profit, non-governmental organization affiliated in Social Welfare Council, Nepal and leading the other NGOs in Humla. SIDC was established by the local educated and qualified residents with strong willingness and commitment possessing extensive experience in different sector under the democratic pattern by holding election in every 2 years by the general members for the representative of the elected members in the board of executive body. The board comprises 7 executive members with a minimum of 33% women representation with female head.. The constitution of Snowland has well defined set of objectives, mission, goal and vision.  It has been making close relationship with other Organizations and affiliated with NGO Co-ordination Forum at district level, in 2007. As mentioned above, it is non political, non profitable, sociable, autonomous organization known as compliment of development at Humla, has been leading other organization, which was registered at Humla district for social work.

During its inception, Democracy in Humla was in infancy stage, and it was not institutionalized up to the grass root level. Although the democratic environment was being first-rate, the framework of development was not penetrated up to the grass root level. Due to political instability and ineffective government system  Humli people, especially people of remote villages & deprived from all facilities did not taste of development. During its establishment phase, there was no  facilities of irrigation, school building, electricity, water supply so on in all over the district which resulted into a livelihood problems. In addition to that, the existing social, gender, increasing unemployment and economic gaps between poor and rich has created a remarkable poverty gaps.

SIDC Office Simikot, Humla, Nepal.

Snowland Integrated Development Center, SIDC in short, is one of the leading national government organizations of Humla; the remotest one was registered at district administration office on1993 Baisakh., it has affiliated with social welfare council Kathmandu in 1993 Jestha.  It is registered as the social organization only for the sake as well as upliftment of the deprived community members with facility, who has been living at different part of Humla.  During project lunch, it provides equal emphasis on those people, referring Dalit, Janajati (Tribes), Brahmins and other caste. It has succeed to develop its own rules, regulation, norms, values, policies, reporting, monitoring format strategic planning, annual budget plan, annual program, annual action plan, financial regulation and personnel administration regulation to make program / project effective, sustain from its previous work experience of different activities at different places.

In the initial phase, the organization has worked for safe drinking water, non-formal education, irrigation, Building Construction, Toilets construction, Income generating, Deaf Education class conduction, capacity development of agriculture. In second phase, community based institutional development such as Community based Organization formation &reformulation,

well-being ranking,  training, report writing, proposal writing and Junior Veterinary facilitators, bee keeping, goat hearing, knitting, frit processing in the village level.

Now, it has been doing many specialized sector basis project as the major focus of the program are on sustainable soil management, sustainable community based micro enterprise development, natural resource management and food security, rural infrastructure development, forest and agriculture based enterprise development for economic security, social mobilization (organization, capital formation, skill development, empowerment, awareness raising etc.) Infrastructure development (irrigation, water supply, school building construction and furniture, improved water mill, stove, toilet, peltric set, micro-hydro), Tourism, Health, agriculture, livestock, electricity . For all round development and socially, economically upliftment of its target groups especially Dalit, women, Janajati and poor. It succeed to lunch many activities devoting toward the community during conflict and uncomfortable situation due to applying demand driven and right based approach, through insurgency disturb it. As a result, it has been succeed to lead over other organization and get belief on donors as well as people.

In previous day, it has successfully completed such infrastructure projects. Irrigations, water supply, small micro enterprise, Tourism development, camp construction, on formal education, deaf education, adult education, peltric set including community mobilization activities with the financial support of Global partner UK, SNV Nepal,  DANIDA, USC Nepal, DEO soon. It has now been working such types of programs and conducting, organizing and managing trainings for the executive body, staffs for their mental development and institutional development. It has been focusing on gender plan and training reduces women violence done by male. For income generating (promotion of) it has from the social development fund and utilized the money to the community members as a revolving fund Now it is covering 22 VDCs– Simkot, Muchu, Khagalgaun, Kharpunath, Raya, Sarkideu, Dandphaya, Hepka, Lali, Limi, Thehe, Rodikot, Chhipra, Gothi, Shreemastha, Mimi, Darma, Gothi, Maila, kalika, Shreenagar, Jaira,Madana now it hs been implementing income generation and infrastructure development, poverty alleviation program, Water upland poverty alleviation program, Rural energy Development Program , Community based water supply and sanitation project, Community Radio, Saving & credit program with the financial support of IFAD / WB / UNDP / ADP / USAID / REDP .


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