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Approaches of SIDC- Humla


Right-Based Approach

Right based approach is one of the best learning of SIDC- Humla in past fifteen year’s continuous working in social   fields. In this approach, socially excluded section or target groups are empowered to improve access and control in locally available resources and set up a right over their resources. To assure the rights, reflect, participation of right holders in development decision making, social activeness, inclusiveness in local GOs and NGOs, partnership, and advocacy for protection of rights. All the  development activities is done by applying right based approach for their ownerships in the scheme .Demand lead project implemented.


Multi-Partnership Approach

Improvement of livelihood needs a multidimensional approach. Collective effort for development of Humla is highly appreciated. Being the remotest, all the materials or aids in Humla is so expensive so it needs maximum budget for the completion of the scheme. Empowerment of target groups, increase in access and control to resources , multi partnership are key areas, where SIDC- Humla is continuously working. To achieve this, multi partnership is essential and we believe in this approach. To address local level issues, local level institutions, VDC, DDC, NGOs and government agencies are brought together for partnership.


Business Development Services | VC Development Approach in Local Level

Livelihood can be improved through income generating activities and Human being need stable income sources, for it income generating activities should be lunched by this society can be changed & developed socially and economically. There is saying that, human being can works properly if he gets good as well as sufficient bread and to creates innovative ideas. For this, human being needs qualitative software knowledge like trainings and coaching.

SIDC integrates sustainable development through good quality services. To sustain and minimize the cost of service delivery at local level, local capacity building will be integrated in the development activities. Local resource persons are developed and minimum service delivery cost will be charged to maintain the service.

To  proceed this approach, district level, SIDC tried to establish the gift house in simikot, head quarter and Technology has been transformed to the community with providing trainings and marketing of it. Most of the services will be delivered through BDSC & Gift House.. In service delivery, locally available human resources will be best utilized. Currently, forest and agriculture based micro enterprise development was facilitated through this approach.


Institutional Development | Empowerment

Human being could be talented and educated if he/she gets opportunity. For that everyone needs training and coaching .Education and awareness are two different part of life. Even if well educated people need training for upgrading their knowledge. On the other hand, almost part of the country belongs to remotest area. We go more remote, get more illiterate people. Similarly, majority of people, live in Humla are uneducated and illiterate, deprived of facilities. Out of them, the number of female is high than male as a result, people are depended to government and NGO. To change their behavior, uplift them socially, economically is so challenging by providing only aids. They have no proper knowledge of mobilizing & utilizing the aids or empowerment and institutional development is needed where as Government agencies have limited human resource for providing service.

In this Approach, SIDC, Feeling that, has been  forming the Community based organization and linked them into cooperative and preparing the local level resource person like Village level animal health worker, Group record keeping, NTFP LRP, Local Latrine Builder, VMW, Local Level Auditor as well as enhanced the staffs too and linked community to the VDC,DDC and other Governmental line ministries.


Transformational Social Mobilization Approach in Development

In Nepal, Previously, follows the centralized approach of planning .so developmental activities weren't sustained. all the budget was misused .Excluded group were not benefited from the  delivery. Activities were implemented without the interest and participation of local people. Regarding this, Government of Nepal has applying social mobilization process in the sector of development. Planning commission has highly given prioritization from 10th planning and taken as the main tools of poverty reduction. It helps to improve the livelihood of people through empowering and social reform.

In this approach, SIDC has been trying to transform ate the power for them and given more priorities on Citizen Right in the sector of development ,empowering people for ensuring their right, participating them in political sector, formulate the policy as their needs and priority & make accountable the local bodies, governmental agencies and other organization is necessary for all round development of people and citizen should be empowered and aware of influencing the natural policies, raising the voice, clamming on service delivery system and assist to analyzing the causes of poverty. Access and control over property and service, voice, issues, policies, organization can be raised and create awareness to allocating budget in planning process by focusing gender equality, equity & social inclusion.

Feeling as the effective tool for improve livelihood and overcoming poverty and Giving high priority on social mobilization by 10th National Planning 2059-64 and interim planning 2065-68,District period planning, Transformation approach of social mobilization is adopted by the SIDC- Humla during implemented the project in Humla.




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