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Major Achievements

SIDC has achieved remarkable success in promoting sustainable development, healthcare improvement, environmental protection, and humanitarian efforts. Its initiatives have positively impacted communities and contributed to a better quality of life in various regions.


Our Success Story



  1. Construction of Building, Hostel, Toilet, Micro Hydro Project Construction of Irrigation, Improved High Head water Mill, water Supply Project., School Building 50 KW Generation of Electricity from different MHVP and Petri Set.

Social Mobilization, Micro Finance & Institutional Development

  1. Formation of   CBOs and create capital around RS 20 Lakh at local level.
  2. Community Encouraged to affiliate with cooperatives.
  3. Raised awareness on community and empowerment of deprived people.
  4. Creation of fund through Shuva Chhintak Saving & Credit Co Operative Ltd.
  5. Around 15800000 Rs invest in IG activities and 500 HH  benefited to animal husbandry and other business.

Agriculture & Livestock, Forestry

  1. Assist to establishment of Community Agro vet at District
  2. Distribution of Chicken, Goat and raised of Income of people
  3. Distribution of Improved Donkey and raised of Mule in the Community
  4. Preparation of efficient local level VAHW
  5. Community are encouraged to conserve the forest
  6. 110 LFUG Formed & Over 700 Hector land handover to Groups.
  7. Around 30 HH land cultivated the UTTISH/Nursery Establishment.

Eco Tourism

  1. Construction of tourist camp & Hot Water Shower

Education & Communication

  1. Conduction of Deaf education, Non Formal Classes & raising of  literacy rate of Female
  2. illiterate people easily inform about their right through radio.
  3. Local Cultural is promoted & Local issues, potentialities is raised and familiarized.
  4. Local People raise their voice from radio.

Major Problem Faced

  1. Limited Social Consciousness  & Financially Unsuccessful
  2. Geographical Remoteness   &  Uncomfortable Situation

Lesson to be learned from organization

  1. Community participation should be necessary for the sustainable of project-
  2. Demand driven and Right based Approach of is the best approach of achieving goal
  3. Micro Entrepreneurship is the principal tools of poverty reduction
  4. Coordination makes the project effective
  5. Dedication, Transparency, Inclusion, Commitment.
Towards Achievement

Sustainable Development Goals

SIDC work towards holistic development by addressing economic, social, and infrastructure-related issues while prioritizing community empowerment and participation. Our ultimate goal is to improve the overall quality of life for marginalized communities and create sustainable, inclusive, and resilient societies.

People Now Have Access to Safe Drinking Water

Households Directly Benefited from Various Projects


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