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Natural Resource Management
Natural Resource Management

SIDC makes its efforts to raise issues of three Ja (Jal-water; Jamin-land; and Jangal-forest) and views  as the fundamental human right and compares with social and cultural rights of peoples .especially of ethnic minority, tribal, dalit, women workers, small and marginalized farmers, landless and poor as well as increase their access to these resources for upliftment of livelihood through sustainable management of these resources. The organization views these resources.

SIDC has been preparing the water resource Master Plan by collaborating with many partners and forming of Lease hold forestry Groups in each VDCs and giving highly priorities in NTFP cultivation and conservation.

Towards Achievement

Sustainable Development Goals

SIDC work towards holistic development by addressing economic, social, and infrastructure-related issues while prioritizing community empowerment and participation. Our ultimate goal is to improve the overall quality of life for marginalized communities and create sustainable, inclusive, and resilient societies.

People Now Have Access to Safe Drinking Water

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