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Forest and Agriculture

Forest and Agriculture Based Micro Enterprise Development

Agriculture Based Micro Enterprise Development

There is  saying that “Green Forest is the wealth of Nation” being highly benefited from forest. As we know, Karnali including Humla is famous and more potential for its Non-timber Forest Product (NTFPs), seasonal and off-seasonal vegetable production, Apple Farming horticulture, and livestock and Humla is the  storehouse for natural meditational herbs It is the 2nd highest income sources of Humli People. Each HH get minimum 40-50 thousand  rupee from NTFP annually. But People are deforesting and harvesting the herbs uncontrolled rate day by day due to unconscious and limited knowledge.  It should be necessary to provide the technical service for conserving the forest and herbs.

The SIDC takes forest and agriculture based micro enterprise development, is one of the major tasks, under which locally available forest and agricultural raw materials will be best utilized for self employment, economic gain and for improvement of livelihood of target groups of the local communities. To harness these resources, It has been forming LFUGS, Preparing the  work plan and handover the forest, establishment of nursery &herbs cultivation ,providing trainings, preparing LRP, advocating the establishment of seed bank  organizing the awareness campaign ,technology promotion, fruit processing, building the market access currently partnering with DFO, DADO & WUPAP.

Towards Achievement

Sustainable Development Goals

SIDC work towards holistic development by addressing economic, social, and infrastructure-related issues while prioritizing community empowerment and participation. Our ultimate goal is to improve the overall quality of life for marginalized communities and create sustainable, inclusive, and resilient societies.

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