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Water Resource & WASH Activities

Water Resource & WASH Activities:

As we all know Nepal is the second richest country of the world in water resources. Humla district is also a potential district for economic transformation through water resources but these water resource is still not utilized more. SIDC has raised agenda of water resources especially in hydroelectric projects, Irrigation and pure water supply  projects which are operated in Humla.  There is more potential for generating electricity, water supply and irrigation where as majority of  the people lived in Humla are compelled to use DIYALO as a source of light, depending on rain fall for cultivating the land and drinking  the water from open river due to the lack of proper management of water Resources.

So SIDC- Humla , its  establishment, advocates increasing access of local people in water resource and gives highly priorities on water Resource Management & multiple uses of water such as irrigation, kitchen gardening, fisheries and facilitating the VDC to prepare water Resource Master Plan partnering with many donors as WB,ADB,IFAD,UNDP,FANIDA implementing REDP,RVWRMP,RWSSP,WUPAP project . The organization urges to increase access to local community in drinking water supply, irrigation, and other uses of water.